{Music Lessons for Kids} The Frogs // Telemann

I love toaday’s quirky little piece.

Get it? TOAD-DAY.

I mean, this guy was born in the 1600s and wrote a piece called The Frogs. I feel certain Georg Philipp Telemann had a sense of humor.

Check it:

Think of Telemann as the much-less famous buddy of Bach and Handel. He was rocking out the Baroque music with the best of them, but he somehow didn’t end up as well-known as the other guys. He was also one of the most prolific composers of all time. I feel bad for him that he isn’t famous.

But he is way dead, so he is probably okay with it.

The Frogs is technically known as the Violin Concerto in A Major, but let’s not get technical. When a piece is called The Frogs, you kind of need to keep it easy and breezy, which is just how this much sounds. In a baroque sort of way.

The scratchy violins are intended to sound like croaking frogs. It’s probably a stretch for kids, but fun nonetheless. It sounds strangely Americana to me, ala Aaron Copland.

So if you are out and about this summer, combing through mountain streams or damp sand dunes and happen to see a little froggy critter, think of Georg (no e) and smile.