Kristi Hill

Hi! I am Kristi Hill, blogger and chief merry-maker around here.

I have spent ten years teaching children to love music – all kinds of music, but mostly classical – because, let’s face it, no one needs a lesson plan to teach a child to love the latest Taylor Swift song. I dig deep to find great stories about classical pieces and work hard to tell those stories in an engaging way. My goal is for children to leave with their hearts bent toward the good, true, and beautiful.

After years of experience, I decided it was time to take my words, songs, and stories to a larger place – thus, the birth of this website. My goal is to make classical music fun and accessible for everyone.

It’s important to get this out of the way: I’m not a fancy music person. You won’t hear me waxing endlessly about the differences in the moderato and the largo movements of some obscure symphony. Stop by on a regular basis and I promise you will learn something tangible you can pass on to your kids.

Because lists stir my soul with joy, here are 5 things about me:

1. I love travel. It is not unusual to find my family watching old PBS episodes of Rick Steves on a Friday night. We are exciting like that.

2. Speaking of family: married, two kids – who – wait for it –- don’t necessarily love classical music. It’s okay. It keeps me humble and reminds me that rowing upstream is a real thing.

3. I pretend to love to cook, but mostly I just watch old episodes of Pioneer Woman on my DVR. It’s roughly the same thing.

4. I actually do love to read and am always looking for ways to hide from my children to do so.

5. My all time favorite classical piece is Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, deeply rooted in my teenage obsession with the movie Somewhere in Time. (For the love of Jane Seymour, please don’t look at that penny.)

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back often, offer your comments, and by all means, share your favorite Pioneer Woman recipe. I would love to pretend to make it.